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SelfCam Pro Review. SelfCam Legit or Scam?

SelfCam Legit or Scam?

Photography has become an integral part of our life. Be it any trek, birthday celebration or just casual hangout, we all take a lot of photos and videos. All we need is a stable and innovative assistant that can help us record wonderful videos and amazing photos. Selfcam Pro Can ease your life of photography

Enter the SelfCam Pro. Instead of stretching our arms to click photos and videos, SelfCam Pro stick is there as our assistant. It not only act as a selfie stick but also a tripod that is not stable but also controlled remotely via bluetooth connection or remote control provided in the stick.

Selfie stick tripods take this premise one step further, as they have a dual purpose. Firstly, this combo device is used as a standard selfie stick that you hold. Secondly, it is used as a portable tripod that is used to take photos from a distance, without having to hold your smartphone.

What is SelfCam Pro?

SelfCam Pro is the latest entrant in the Selfie-Tripod section. It has been dubbed as the most stable yet light tripod stand that can be converted into selfie stick and can be controlled via a bluetooth connection on our smartphone or remote control.

SelfCam Pro

In addition to selfies, Selfcam Pro allows you to experiment with different photographic techniques like time-lapse and long exposure if your smartphone has the technology. If you would benefit from such a device, we have gathered seven of the best selfie tripods available for smartphones.

These amazing devices are perfect when traveling or enjoying an outing with your friends. They are affordable and allow you to create a wider variety of selfies with greater creativity.

Features Of SelfCam Pro

Stretchable Stick

For a good photo, you need technique. For Best photos, you need technique and a lengthy yet stable selfie stick. When you unfold Selfcam Pro, it converts to a selfie stick of length 40 inches with additional gravity control due to its center of weight balance. This is an ideal length that is neither too far for making awkward pictures that you need to crop nor too short that the frame is small. At this length, you can click great group photos without blur.

SelfCam Pro tripod

Better Build Quality:

Average lifespan of SelfCam Pro is around 2 years, which is considerable due to its great build quality. Also, good quality sticks do not break easily and they could be handled with freedom when outdoors.

Strong Clamp on

The clamp of a selfie stick enables you to place your camera device and fix it on the selfie stick. Most cheap and low priced selfie sticks have low quality clamps that either break very easily, loose their spring strength or worse, have very narrow space between them. Try to choose a clamp that is strong, has a good spring quality and most importantly, can seat any and all mobiles/cameras of thickness.

SelfCam Pro product

Has Great Connectivity and Connectivity

While bluetooth connectivity is a great add on, we are talking about the basic connectivity wire. The wire that connects your device to the selfie stick should have wider connectivity. It should support all devices. When you are out with your friends/family, almost anyone should be able to use this stick with easy.

SelfCam Pro Selfie Stick Benefits:

  • Includes A Remote For Easy Snapping
  • Comes With Telescopic Arm And Tripod
  • Perfect For Taking Selfies And Group Photos
  • Helps You Capture Images Without Shaking
  • Stabilizes Your Shot To Ensure It Looks Good
  • Lightweight And Portable – Aluminium Body

Why Chose SelfCam Pro Wireless Selfie Stick

Selfcam Pro is a wireless selfie stick that turns into a stable tripod when needed. A wireless selfie stick connects to a wireless Bluetooth smartphone and can be controlled by the same. No hassle of manually taping on the phone every time you want to click a photo or record a video. It comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth remote control that enables you to capture shots with the push of a button.

It also allows capturing images and videos from a distance, mainly when the selfie stick is used as a monopod or tripod. This ensures steady and sharper pictures and videos.

SelfCam Pro example

Pros and Cons of SelfCam Pro


  1. Easy to use
  2. Portable and durable
  3. Double functionality
  4. Works over Bluetooth
  5. Extendable up to 31 inches
  6. Brilliant battery life


  1. Does not work like a normal selfie stick, might take time to get used to.

How to Buy SelfCam Pro?

You can buy SelfCam Pro from Official Store. It will be launched soon once stocking is complete.

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