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This Watch Can Measure Blood Oxygen Level

Health Watch Under $100

Welcome to another tech review. Today we are taking a look at a new smartwatch which can measure your blood oxygen level.

Your blood oxygen level is proving to be a key measurement today in the global pandemic. Low blood oxygen levels can indicate an infection of COVID-19 virus.

What Is This New Gadget?

gx smartwatch measures blood oxygen level 24/7

The GX Smartwatch is a new smartwatch aimed for the health conscious amongst us.

How Does It Measure Blood Oxygen Level?

The GX SmartWatch will measure your bloody oxygen levels using laser light technology while you are wearing the watch. This can give you early signals telling you if your blood oxygen levels fall to a dangerous point.

The GX Smartwatch will send push notifications and can even ALERT your phone if your levels drop too much. These early signals could be vital if you fall ill with the virus.

gx smartwatch

The GX Smartwatch comes with an app where you can monitor all your health goals.

How Does It Measure My Health?

The watch can do all this:

  • Monitor Your Oxygen Blood Levels
  • Monitor Your Heart Health (BPM and ECG Monitor) Save from Heart Attacks
  • Track Your Fitness Goals. (Step Counter/ Calorie Counter/ Distance Calculator)
  • Send Signals To Your Mobile Device (Android or IOS phones compatiable.)

Learning More

If you are interested in the GX SmartWatch or want to learn more about it features you can click here. We also have an exclusive 50% discount code available to our readers today where you can get the GX Smartwatch for just $89.00. Usual price is $189.

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