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XPRO Drone Review

This New Affordable 4K Drone Will Take Your Photos and Videos to the Next Level…

Have you been jealous of all those amazing bird’s eye shots you keep seeing others post? Have you been struggling to find ways to keep your social media fresh and interesting? If this is you. Meet the XPRO Drone.

This amazing new drone has you covered on all these bases and more. Competition on social media is growing by the day and the need and desire to innovate with new and better-quality content is growing with it. Whether you make travel vlogs, do extreme photography or even run a business, making your social media pop is more important than ever.

The top players have already adopted drones for their ability to generate impressive videos and photos from the air, investing thousands into these revolutionary but expensive pieces of technology with great results.

For years, only the already rich and successful could afford this luxury, flexing their big brand drones, taking fancy pan videos and poolside selfies.

But with this new drone, the bar for entry has finally dropped so low that anyone can do it, with a brand-new device that delivers great qualityease of use and, far more importantly, a fantastic price. If you’re looking for ways to get more followers, or just make your social media look amazing, read on.

What is it?

xpro drone gif

It’s called the XPRO Drone, the best way for anyone to easily up their social media quality, be it IG stories, YouTube videos or Facebook. 

A pair of German engineers were struggling with the massive size and expenses of the standard brand drones and decided to design the first affordable professional. The result was the XPRO Drone, a professional and remarkably affordable new drone that can record epic 4K videos.

Light and compact, it can literally fit in your pocket, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere, from the tallest of mountains to the loneliest of roads. And all this while still packing all the quality of a much larger and more expensive drones.

Take pictures, 4K videos or even livestream directly through your phone! The only limit of the XPRO Drone is your own imagination.

We took the XPRO Drone for a spin to see if it lives up to the hype.

See XPRO Drone In Action:

What Makes XPRO Drone So Special?

The first thing hit us immediately as we started setting it up. It took us just 10 seconds after downloading the app and putting in the battery to connect the XPRO Drone to our test phone and send it into the air. Instantly ready for use to take some impressive shots with Ultra HD picture and video quality…

xpro drone shots

It was so easy to operate and fly that even one of our guy’s 6-year-old son managed to do it.

It’s gravity sensor and wind resistance made sure the videos we took outside were remarkably smooth and crisp in a way we simply did not expect from such a tiny device.

We even found a clever use for its altitude hold mode by using it as our camera for a different product review video, while our regular camera guy enjoyed his time on the studio sofa, giving us everything from eye level footage to fancy shots that wouldn’t shame a Hollywood crane camera, all still from the comfort of that sofa, of course.

Finally, we took it apart to make our final comprehensive features list:

✅ Light, Foldable and compact – The most portable professional drone we’ve seen that can pack this sort of quality while still fitting inside you back pocket.

✅ One Kilometer Range –  Most of the drones available on the market only can fly up to 100meters. This drone can make ten times this distance with ease, making you record footage like a Pro.

✅ Excellent Battery Life – Because what’s the point in a drone if it can only fly for some minutes for each charge. This drone comes with a vastly improved battery for up to 32 minutes flight. Only drones over 1500$ manage to achieve that.

✅ WiFi FPV and simple smartphone controls – Easily connects to any android or iOS device. The app is available in more than 20 languages.

✅ Tough – We intentionally crashed it into the office wall and dropped it on the floor but the XPRO Drone, with its toguh ABS plastic casing, kept on going like nothing happened.

✅ 6-Axis Gyro Self-Stabilization Technology – one of the smoothest flying drones we’ve ever tested.

✅ Great 12 Megapixel and 120 fps 4K camera – very stable high-quality photos and crisp smooth videos.

 Panorama mode – One press of a button and you get a fancy 360 degree aerial shot.

✅ Virtual Reality support – The XPRO Drone is the only drone of this size we’ve seen that can even support 3D VR!

plus a lot more…

features xpro drone

How Do You Get XPRO Drone?

In 3 very easy steps:

  1. We recommend getting the original XPRO Drone from the official website here.
  2. Download the XPRO Drone app to your smartphone
  3. Spice up your social media with amazing and creative new content.

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